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    “Certain Nutraceuticals have Antiviral effects in both human and animal studies”

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    “Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food”

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Hosmani Nutraceuticals

“Hosmani Nutraceuticals Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 06 May 2015.”

It is registered at Registrar of Companies, Bangalore and classified as Indian Non-Government Company.


“CULTIVATE and nurture the best quality Spirulina. To be the worldwide leader in terms of quality and quantity of Spirulina.”


“To reach the corners of the world with a span of Spirulina products suited to the community and to fully exploit the prospects of amazing algae that is Spirulina”.
GlobalSpira - Product
“Our goal is to create value for all of our customers & consumers by fulfilling this mission.”

“1000 KGs of Assorted Vegetables is Equal to 1 KG of Spirulina

GlobalSpira - Spirulina Stemina

Consuming Spirulina is one way to supplement Protein and Vitamins in people’s diets without notable side effects.

The strict implementing laws of production, as well as the constant monitoring of all production phases, guarantee the best quality of Spirulina which is exclusively and proudly organic, eco-compatible and 100% made in INDIA.

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GlobalSpira - Farming Plant

Organic Spirulina

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Organic Spirulina

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GlobalSpira - Hosmani Nutraceuticals

Organic Spirulina

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Organic Spirulina

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Manufacturing Spirulina With State Of The Art Technology

“Contamination free Spirulina”

Spirulina is Organic

Our Spirulina is certified 100% Organic, cultivated and collected according to the highest quality standards, in ponds that are free from external contamination.

Partner for Well-Being

It strengthens your immune system and counteracts fatigue. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant energizing and detoxifying properties.

Certified & Checked

Our Spirulina is GMO-free, produced without the use of additives and pesticides. HosmaniNutraceuticals’s Spirulina is 100% Natural, Organic USDA certified.
GlobalSpira - Spirulina Product

Use it in the Kitchen

Perfect to make sauces and vegetarian patties, as well as in addition to juices, smoothies, and ice cream. Try it as a condiment for pasta and unique culinary creations.

Made in India

Our Spirulina is cultivated and collected at our production plant in outskirts of Hubli, located in Karnataka, India.

Super Food

The high nutritional value of the alga, as well as its ease of consumption, have been recognized by NASA which has proposed Spirulina as food for astronauts.

Nutritional Profile of Spirulina Powder

(Composition By 100g)


Manufacturing Spirulina with State of The Art Technology


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Spirulina Benefits

Consuming Spirulina is one way to supplement Protein and Vitamins in people’s diets without notable side effects.

Health Benefits

For Men

For Women

For Children

For Athletes

For Elders

Spirulina Recipes

Spirulina can be taken in Tablet or Powder form.

GlobalSpira - Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina Smoothie

GlobalSpira - Spirulina Papaya Smoothie

Spirluna Papaya Smoothie

GlobalSpira - Cream Dip

Cream Dip

GlobalSpira - Avocado Dip

Avocado Dip

GlobalSpira - Pesto Spirulina

Pesto Spirulina

GlobalSpira - Spirulina Popcorn

Spirulina Popcorn