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Tradition, Innovation and Respect for the Environment.

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GlobalSpira - Who we are

Who We Are?

Engaging in research and development of modern agriculture with the Indian tradition in mind.

GlobalSpira - How we work

How We Work?

We believe to inspire our community to relish in the taste of real organic, eco sustainable product to protect the environment.

GlobalSpira - Spirulina Quality

How is the Quality?

We take special care to select and grow miracle algae where exceptional focus, determination, and commitment toward those who choose our company and our Spirulina.

The Company Hosmani Nutraceuticals

Tradition, innovation and respect for the environment

The strict implementing laws of production, as well as the constant monitoring of all production phases, guarantee the best quality of Spirulina which is exclusively and proudly organic, eco-compatible and 100% made in INDIA.


A farm house from the early 2000’s with a High-Tech heart, in the unique, wonderful context of North Karnataka.

The Location

The Hosmani Nutraceuticals production plant is located inside the Hosmani Farm, one of the oldest farms in the area which retains its simple beauty while having been enhanced by the latest technologies. It is surrounded by fields and 20 Ha of agricultural land, prestigious estates and a unique Spirulina production plant that is 100% made in India.

GlobalSpira - Farming Plant
GlobalSpira - Cultivation Tanks

The cultivation tanks

Hosmani Nutraceuticals Spirulina grows in open ponds, called raceway ponds, inside the greenhouses, which allow for perfectly regulated temperatures, adequate aeration and sunlight exposure, while at the same time eliminating the risk of contamination of the final product.

Raceway ponds have a special shape, designed according to hydrodynamic principles, so as to minimize areas of sedimentation. The harvesting is carried out without the need to handle the algae, thanks to complex innovative machinery which does not compromise the cells of the microalgae. The same machinery also transfers it to a building by the greenhouses.

A Spirulina farmhouse with a High-Tech technology

Our factory building allows processing to be carried out in confined spaces, including clean spaces for the filtration by the absolute vibro-sifter filters and spray dryer to dry the algae biomass, which is temperature-controlled, to make sure that all spaces meet ISO, GMP, NOP, NPOP standards.

The building also hosts a laboratory where the inoculum for the Spirulina strains from the cultivation are kept active, and where cultivation in the greenhouses is monitored through microbiological and chemical check-ups and analyses.

GlobalSpira - High Tech Technology
GlobalSpira - Product


“CULTIVATE and nurture the best quality Spirulina. To be the worldwide leader in terms of quantity and quality of Spirulina.”

“Our goal is to create value for all of our customers & consumers by fulfilling this mission.”


“To reach the corners of the world with a range of Spirulina products suited to the community and to fully utilize the potential of amazing algae that is Spirulina”.

“It is the ultimate Super food: The food source with the most complete Nutritional profile”

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