Benefits of Spirulina for Women

Spirulina from Hosmani Nutraceuticals is available in two forms; Powder and Tablets. One can use it according to their ease. Spirulina is power-packed with all the things necessary for leading a healthy life. The benefits of using Spirulina by women are:

More Benefits

spira-vit women's health Reduces Hormonal Imbalances

Reduces Hormonal Imbalances

Spirulina is grown in saline waters, so is rich in natural Iodine. Iodine helps in the proper release of hormones & reduces mood swings, depression, fatigue, & sudden weight gain.
spira-vit women's health | spirulina Helps Regulate PMS

Helps Regulate PMS

Spirulina has detoxifying properties, therefore, Spirulina intake helps female reproductive organs to flush out toxins during PMS. Spirulina also helps to deal with cramps during PMS.
spira-vit women's health | Spirulina works Great During Menopause

Great During Menopause

Hot flashes and mood swings are common during menopause stages. As Spirulina is a calming and soothing agent, It helps in having a calmer yet energetic day.
spira-vit women's health | spirulina is good for Hair & Nail Growth

Good for Hair & Nail Growth

Zinc in Spirulina helps in having stronger nails and Iron in Spirulina helps fight Anemia, common in ladies at 20’s. Vit-B12 and Vit-E help promote hair and nail growth. The GLA-(GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID) in Spirulina helps to have elasticity in skin and hair without having dry skin.
spira-vit women's health | Spirulina works as Anti Aging

Anti – Aging In Nature

Spirulina is rich in antioxidants that help detoxify toxins in the body and helps retain the glow of Skin. It is also rich in Vitamin-E which helps reducing hair fall and helps improve hair and nail growth. GLA in Spirulina has collagen which helps in keeping skin tight i.e; it helps reduce dark circles and wrinkles.
Because of these above reasons, Spirulina is the best health supplement for all women out there.

“It is the ultimate Super food: The food source with the most complete Nutritional profile”

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